Results 2021

In 2021, Malboro is ranked #1, which means Red Bull has dropped to second place, followed by McDonalds.
Last year’s obvious “winner”-the cigarette filter-is again at #1. Candy wrappers are in the top 3 just like last year.  These types of plastic products quickly decompose into microplastics and can then never be cleaned up. The replacement of both cigarette filters and plastic wrappers with biodegradable variants can quickly achieve environmental gains.
Good news! The deposit on plastic bottles introduced on 1 July of this year has had results. The proportion of bottles in the litter found has decreased by 37%.
World Cleanup Day – the largest cleanup action in the world – is also a rapidly growing movement in the Netherlands. In 2021, the record number of over 41,342 registered participants, spread over more than 1574 different actions, set out to clean up litter in the Netherlands.