What can you do as an organization?

With the #NotInOurBackyard campaign we are cleaning the Netherlands and creating awareness for the plastic waste that ends up in other countries, such as Indonesia, where Nina lives. Our plastic trash not only seriously pollutes, but also endangers the local population! By turning your clean up campaign into a fundraising campaign, you support  Plastic Soup Foundation and the projects of Nina and other plastic heroes. 

By joining forces for our planet, we hope your organization will support us by cleaning your local neighborhood and make a worldwide impact to avoid plastic waste ending up in Nina's backyard. 

Will you support us?

It sounds very simple, and it is: 

1. Create a fundraising campaign on our website.
2. Download our toolkit and let everyone know you organization is cleaning with a mission this year!
3. Ask all your colleagues and/or volunteers and customers to join and register as a team member.
4. Collect as much money as possible as an organization and choose one of the options below to become a official partner.
5. Clean up your neighborhood and indirectly also clean Nina's neighborhood by supporting Plastic Soup Foundation. 

How to become a partner of World Cleanup Day:


€2.500 - Proud Supporter 

  • Your logo will be placed on World Cleanup Day NL website 

€5.000 - Change Partner 

  • Your logo will be placed on World Cleanup Day NL website
  • Shout out on our social media channels

> €7.500 - Impact Leader

  • Send us a message and we will contact you shortly to
    discuss the associated benefits for your company!